Media-Saturn increases international focus on exclusive brands

9 September 2010

The Media-Saturn Group has brought preparations for its previously announced exclusive-brands strategy to a successful close. The new ok. brand for the entry level price segment across all product categories and the KOENIC brand for high-quality household and domestic appliances will be launched at all Media Markt and Saturn stores in four European countries right in time for the Christmas shopping season. The PEAQ brand for consumer electronics will follow in the first half of 2011, and the ISY brand for electronic accessories in the second half of the coming year. Parallel to the sales launch in Germany, the products will also be on the shelves at Media Markt and Saturn stores in the Netherlands, Italy and Austria. The brands and product lines will also gradually be expanded in the other 12 European countries in which both retail brands currently have stores. 

"Our exclusive-brands strategy was developed on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of our customers' needs and desires and the economic potential of the new brands. The result is a clearly-defined brand world that will delight our customers internationally with a high level of product quality. In the future, our brands will be sold in every country in which Media Markt and Saturn maintain a presence. This allows the Media-Saturn Group to lay the foundation for further growth and an even higher level of customer loyalty, seeing as our exclusive brands are the logical next step in the further development of our concepts. As a result of the new brands, Media Markt and Saturn will, in the future, offer their customers an even greater range of products - both in the stores and online", says Roland Weise, CEO of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH. 

Customers want high-quality own brands. Media-Saturn now offers a wide range of brands and products in the household and domestic appliances, consumer electronics and electronic accessories sectors. Media-Saturn's exclusive new brands will cover all price segments, offering comparably lower prices in each respective segment. To ensure a high standard of quality, Media-Saturn is collaborating with well-known manufacturers of existing premium brands, who will be responsible for technical production. This will initially involve the sectors household and domestic appliances and consumer electronics. Development and procurement of the goods will be managed by Media-Saturn-Holding in Germany and a newly founded subsidiary, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. 

ok. - The brand for the entry-level price segment

ok. is Media-Saturn's brand for the entry-level price segment across all product categories. Functional and easy to use, authentic and uncomplicated, straightforward or, to put it more simply: ok. articles belonging to the ok. brand will be available in every category of product sold at Media Markt and Saturn stores, from household appliances such as automatic egg cookers, microwave ovens, mixers and toasters, to telephones and personal care appliances, to LCD TVs. 

KOENIC - The brand for high-quality household and domestic appliances

The KOENIC brand stands for high quality, high performance and a streamlined, modern design. All KOENIC-brand products deliver on this promise, be it small appliances such as toasters, hand-held mixers or electric kettles, practical household aids such as vacuum cleaners or food processors, or major domestic appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers or washing machines. "More for Less" is the motto of the KOENIC brand: consistently high product quality, attractive additional features and all this at a price below that of comparable competitor products. 

PEAQ - The brand for consumer electronics

The consumer electronics products belonging to the PEAQ brand stand for fascinating technology, modern design and high performance. This top brand also offers its customers "More for Less", high quality and additional features at a price lower than comparable products offered by well-known, brand-name manufacturers. The product line will cover the full range of consumer electronics - from headphones, to hi-fi systems, to TVs and notebooks. 

ISY - The brand for accessories

The ISY brand can be described in three words: straightforward, uncomplicated and compatible. Electronic accessories such as USB sticks and cables, batteries, HDMI cables, adapters and many other similar products. Bright colors and a straightforward design reduced to the essentials. ISY-brand products will be attractively priced, quality products that play a part in everyday life and are fun to use. 

Every time a new brand is launched, it will play a prominent role in the Media Markt and Saturn stores' advertising. A separate packaging concept that reflects a brand's positioning has been developed for each brand. An eye-catching presentation of the brands in the stores will ensure that customers can quickly recognize and find the brands at the POS. 

The entire brand concept, from the name, to the product design, product environment and image world, to the packaging and POS appearance for the KOENIC, PEAQ and ISY brands was developed by the Munich-based Peter Schmidt Group. The design agency Mutabor Design was responsible for developing the overall concept for the ok. brand.