SRI News: METRO GROUP achieves top values in the CDP climate performance ranking 2013

19 November 2013

With its carbon disclosure, METRO GROUP ranks among the top ten companies in the German-speaking region. This is the result of the climate performance ranking 2013 conducted by the independent international non-profit organisation CDP. The CDP assesses whether companies are effectively addressing the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and whether they provide transparent information about their efforts. The CDP is backed by a group of 722 institutional investors with assets worth USD 87,000 billion. 

With its comprehensive disclosure of data relating to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and reduction efforts, METRO GROUP secured a place in the "Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) DACH". It lists the top ten percent of 350 companies assessed in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). "The market for sustainable investments has been growing for many years. METRO GROUP benefits from this index ranking because belonging to certain indices is an important aspect for many private and institutional investors when making their investment decisions", says Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG, summarising the significance of the climate ranking. "We are pleased to see that our continuous efforts, aimed at improving the quality and transparency of our climate reporting, are recognised by the CDP". 

The CDP assesses companies with a view to the transparency of their disclosure regarding climate change issues. A high score signalises good internal data management and knowledge about the climate change challenges affecting the company. In 2013, METRO GROUP has significantly improved its score and achieved 97 out of 100 points following 84 points the year before. 

As a retailing company, METRO GROUP assumes responsibility for climate and resource protection in those areas of the value chain that it can directly influence: starting from the warehousing and refrigeration of products to their transport to the stores and administration locations around the world. To curb the climate-relevant emissions from its operations, the company targets a 20 per cent reduction of its 2011 greenhouse gas emissions per square meter of sales floor by 2020. 

The CDP is an independent international non-profit organisation that provides companies and communities the only global system for environmental data. With this system, participants can measure, disclose and publish their impact on the environment. This database, which has meanwhile become the largest global repository for information and primary data on climate change, water and risks of forest exploitation, is made available to decision-makers in corporations, investors and policy makers.