METRO GROUP plans new logistics center in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße

METRO GROUP intends to build a regional logistics center for its METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores and Real hypermarkets in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße. The company will invest a double-digit million euro amount in the development of this site. The new logistics center in Kirchheim will employ more than 380 staff.

The new location in Kirchheim represents a central element of METRO GROUP's new logistics strategy announced in September 2015. For the regional distribution logistics of METRO Cash & Carry and Real in the region Southwest Germany a new logistic center was to be created in the 'Greater Worms region' and take over the logistics services of three existing centers. "The realization of this state of the art logistics center in Kirchheim represents a first, decisive step in the implementation of the new logistics strategy", says Mark Frese, Chief Financial Officer of METRO AG and responsible for the logistics of the Düsseldorf-based retailing group. "By investing into a modern logistics network we support and strengthen the transformation of our sales lines METRO Cash & Carry and Real in Germany“.

The new location in Kirchheim will offer more than 380 jobs and thus more than the originally planned roughly 300 positions. In a first phase, these jobs are to be offered to the employees of METRO LOGISTICS working at the three existing logistics centers in Bingen, Gernsheim and Gimbsheim. A reconciliation of interests and social plan are to be negotiated for those employees who are not interested in such an offer or for whom a transfer is not practical, e.g. because of the distance. Talks with the codetermination bodies will now be continued and concretized.

In the framework of its search for an adequate location, METRO GROUP intensively examined ten potential properties in the last few months. "The site in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße prevailed as the best possible option in our comparison of the alternatives available", says Jeroen Janssen Lok, responsible for METRO GROUP's logistics strategy in Germany. Especially the perfectly matching plot size and its good accessibility together with favourable lease conditions prompted the decision in favour of Kirchheim. The site is located directly on the A6 motorway and at a distance of only 10 kilometers to the Frankenthal interchange (A61). The owner structure, the prospect of a fast approval of the development plan and the good soil conditions were further positive reasons for the construction of this new logistics property.

METRO GROUP plans new logistics center in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße

Property size: around 100,000 square meters
Storage space:
around 49,000 square meters
Planned assortments: Dry, Frozen and Chilled, Fruits & Vegetables
Start of operations: 3rd quarter 2017
Employees: 380+